Canada is in
 desperate need of

Hope, Unity,
 and Compassion.

These foundational principles have guided and inspired the people who spread out across our great nation and turned it into a welcoming and prosperous land where all could succeed.

The past two years have seen the Liberal government divide, discourage and refuse to listen to Canadians. Sadly, we have seen a movement away from respect for our constitution and human freedoms like freedom of conscience, speech and religion.

Leslyn has succeeded as a lawyer, small business owner and politician because she knows how to listen with compassion and understanding. As a politician, she has proven that those who listen are often the most powerful voices.

She believes that Canada is only strong when all Canadians have a voice, and where we can all unite in forging a Canada where we all have an equal opportunity to optimize our potential.  This is a goal that sees all Canadians as equal under the law: where race, religion, creed, orientation, and political affiliation are no longer used to divide us.   

It’s time to unite in the spirit of love and togetherness and build a hopeful, 
united and compassionate Canada again.
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