Bill C-11: It's about more than censorship

Bill C-11 “the Online Streaming Act” is the type of law that happens when a government feels it can get away with anything, and where our elected officials feel that they are no longer responsible and accountable to the Canadian people.

The danger with Bill C-11 is that it gives the government the ability to use technology as a means of social control. It empowers government-controlled algorithms to decide what you can see, and which videos and sources are “legitimate. In this case, there is no government issuing you a proclamation or mandate and enforcing sanctions when you don’t comply, they can simply use technology to control and sensor what you are able to see online.

Bill C-11 is dangerous in its own right, but it is also a precedent for a government that wishes to extend this form of technocratic control to other areas beyond online content. It sets the foundation and the testing ground for artificial intelligence and algorithms to be used to control the masses.

Bill C-11 is the first step in this direction of technocratic control, and we must stop it in its tracks.

Bill C-11 exists because we have allowed this Liberal-NDP coalition, along with a fully bought and paid for government-controlled media, to impose the most egregious breaches to our freedom. We now have this atrocity of a Bill because we have a government that feels fully empowered to tell you what to think and how you can speak, even though they fail to answer simple questions during Question Period and at Committee as they operate to shield themselves from Parliamentary and public accountability.

By allowing them to silence us on so many topics in the public square, we have already handed over control of our speech. When we accept their narrative that certain debates are “closed”, we are giving into their premise that there are topics and ideas which should never be spoken and that someone else gets to make that decision for us.

So now they are expanding their power. They want to infiltrate our homes to dictate what we can see, and make sure that it lines up with what they believe.

They have had such great success telling Canadians who to hate, what to celebrate, how and when we are allowed to mourn, that they are taking the next step to try to control what we can see — let alone say.

As a conservative, I do not want to add additional laws to the books to fight for freedom of speech. The Charter already protects this right. A Lewis-led government will repeal C-11 and any other measure the Liberals put in place to try to control our thought and speech, and let Canadians go back to exercising the freedoms that already exist in our Charter. .

No new law will restore respect for the Charter. We need a change in the culture of government. We need to go back to having a government that answers questions, is honest and accountable and respects the foundations of freedom that this country was built on.

As Prime Minister, I promise to answer questions honestly. I have demonstrated this through every media interview, every Q&A session I have carried out across this country with our Conservative members. 

I will restore a culture of respect for our constitution, our charter, and our inalienable gift of freedom.

Will you help me build this kind of Government?

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