Enough Discrimination!

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have waged an open war against religious freedom since he was elected in 2015.

But the latest report currently getting attention is absolutely shocking.

The Advisory Panel on Systemic Racism and Discrimination was delivered to the Minister of National Defence in January, but people are only just now realizing how far it goes in its attack on traditional faiths.

It recommends that the Department of National Defence “Not consider for employment as spiritual guides or multi-faith representatives Chaplaincy applicants affiliated with religious groups whose values are not aligned with those of the Defence Team.

Asking that chaplains’ values are aligned with the Defence Team may seem innocent enough, but when you read further you see that the “religious groups” it considers to not have the right values fall under the banner of “The Abrahamic Religions.”

This explicitly is stating that followers of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism should be disqualified from serving as chaplains in the military.

How are all the Jewish, Muslim and Christian members of the military to feel now that they have been singled out as out-of-step with the values of the country they are fighting for? Or that their beliefs are explicitly compared to the worst kinds of racism in the same report?

The fact that this report was supposed to address systemic racism, and came up with banning members of three major religions, shows how minorities in Canada are consistently just used as political tools by this government. 

New Canadians and ethnic Canadians have higher rates of religious affiliation than white Canadians. This report isn’t just a case of religious discrimination, it somehow manages to be racist itself. 

I wish this was a one-time attack on religion by this government, but for the Liberals, the only religion allowed in Canada has been wokeism.

In the Liberals’ version of Canada, doctors and nurses don’t have freedom of conscience in accordance with their beliefs.

Charities don’t have freedom of belief. Trudeau has threatened to revoke their status if their beliefs don’t align with his.

Pastors can go to jail for discussing certain topics with their congregants.

Canadians will never forget when Justin Trudeau went after people of faith who run businesses, summer camps, charities, and community organizations with his summer jobs attestation.

And, of course, there is his absolute failure to stand up for religious freedom in order to protect his political advantage in Quebec by his silence on Bill 21.

As Leader I will stand up for religious freedom. 

I will fight back against Bill 21.

I will end the Liberals' discriminatory practices that single out religious beliefs as a barrier to receiving government support.

I will personally set an example of celebrating diversity by not being afraid to work alongside Canadians who have different beliefs from me.

We can't be the freest country in the world until we end these attacks on religious freedom.

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