ESG: Their worst plan yet.

A narrative of fear surrounds the issue of climate change, and it’s being used to completely alter our way of life.

I’ve already covered how the Net-Zero policies are going to transform our food supply chain and why Canada is now headed in the direction of rising discontent like in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka. 

But it’s not just stopping at farming. Small businesses will soon become virtually impossible to operate.

It’s called Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) has a new accounting regime that is based on ESG and applies to all small and medium-sized businesses. This new system tracks the “life-cycle” of every single product and service that a business generates. Meaning that small business owners will need to track where a product comes from and the emissions the product generates (which, of course, differs depending on the purchaser and the user).

Ironically, while these nonsensical rules will be imposed on businesses in Canada, Canadian businesses operating in China, India, and other nations won’t impose such measures on local operators. 

Make no mistake – the aim of these policies is to completely overturn our economic structure that is dependent on local production. In fact, Canadian businesses will be rewarded under this structure if their enterprises don’t produce anything because they will have a lower carbon footprint. 

It is also the exact opposite of the lesson we should have learned from the COVID-19 crisis: we should be focusing on securing our supply chains and becoming more self-sufficient.

The requirement for small business owners to comply with ESG will completely cripple our local business sector with no measurable goals or proof as to how these practices will actually reduce carbon emissions. 

If anyone doubts how far the left wants to take this, just listen to the Liberals' own words. They don’t talk about preserving our way of life WHILE protecting the environment. They say that high gas prices are good because then maybe people will stop driving cars. 

They are fully comfortable transitioning society to a new system where all of our metrics of measuring wealth and success will be eliminated. They are planning to transform everything. 

Potentially even our GDP calculations will no longer be based upon what we produce, but will be measured by our carbon footprint. Contracts will likely be recorded digitally and all transaction associated with a contract will be measured and stored on a digital record system known as the blockchain. Your digital ID will track how much you consume and produce and, most importantly, your personal carbon footprint. In the future, all your purchases will be stored under your digital ID and if you consume too much sugar, for example, then the vending machine with the ice cream may not open for you.

This will be the new economy. Assets will be measured by whether they are “sustainable” or not. The government and corporate conglomerates will decide the measures, and it will happen just like it did in the Netherlands, where the real experts – the farmers – were not even consulted in the calculations. 

The new system will even attach to property. Imagine if you have a rental property that does not meet their arbitrary environmental standards, you will be unable to rent or sell it – it will be deemed a “stranded asset”. Every single contract (rent or sale) will be digitized, and it will be impossible to transfer the title or enter into a rental agreement until that property is deemed fit by the new environmental standards.

What I find grotesque is that rather than politicians explaining what is happening, anyone who catches on, asks questions, and shares information is called a conspiracy theorist. They hope that people won’t notice even as elements of our personal and national sovereignty are eroded. And sadly, many are beguiled by politicians who spew slogans and talking points at them while our future crashes all around us. 

I see several developments on the horizon:

  • In a few years, maybe even months, we will see farmers being unable to produce the crop yields of previous years, and eventually we will see many farmers dispossessed of their farms through Net-Zero policies. 
  • Our laws are moving towards disarming people – not those engaged in firearms crimes and gun violence, but those law-abiding firearms owners and hunters. 
  • Homes will become even more unaffordable. 
  • Many small businesses will no longer be able to survive as red-tape and compliance rules will enrich lawyers, accountants and environmental consultants under the ESG Net-Zero reporting model.

Unfortunately, it appears that all these things will come to pass. When people finally wake up and demand accountability from their elected officials, it may be too late. Maybe then people will finally realize that all the signs were there for them to see, and that the politics of fear ushered them into the 4th Industrial Revolution bragged about by the leaders at the World Economic Forum. Maybe they will finally listen to the words of their own Prime Minister when he stated plainly that COVID-19 has provided “an opportunity for a reset” and to “re-imagine economic systems”.

All these things are really happening. It is a result of the politics of fear that allows global elites and our government to undemocratically impose any form of policy on us, because our fears placed us in a position where we became willfully blind to the outcome. 

I will continue to defend Canada and our sovereignty, regardless of what people call me or whether I’m slandered in the media.

If you see what is happening, will you commit to stand with me in protecting and defending Canada, and fighting to ensure that we continue to remain a strong, free, and prosperous nation?

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