Have you ever wished you were wrong?

Have you ever wished you were wrong?

I certainly have. In October of 2020, way before Justin Trudeau used travel mandates and vaccine passports to divide Canadians, I sent in an op-ed to the National Post  predicting that Justin Trudeau was leading Canada towards a socialist coup.

I was called every manner of conspiracy theorist and kook. As difficult as it was, I truly hoped that they were right, and I was wrong.

Sadly, I wasn’t.

I wrote that “there will be no need to throw dissenters in jail because new societal protocols can be put in place.

Since then the Prime Minister himself has raised questions about whether we should “tolerate” people who disagreed with him on certain issues. To this day, an estimated six million Canadians can’t travel freely in their own country, because of federal restrictions which prevent unvaccinated Canadians from boarding federally operated planes, boats, and trains.

I also wrote “Many Canadians rightly fear the repercussions of Trudeau transforming Canada into a cashless society. They have told me that they are afraid the Liberals will impose a social credit score, similar to the one that exists in China where people’s behaviours are monitored through 5G cameras; for this reason, they also distrust the COVID Alert app.”

A year and a half later, Canadians were shocked as the government demanded that hundreds of Canadians’ accounts be frozen. Canadians who had done nothing wrong; they simply donated to support other Canadians that the Liberals despised.

Further predictions of the Liberals creating a society where more and more Canadians are financially dependent on the government have also come true.

And of course, just recently, the Liberals gave up all pretence and crafted a budget  with the socialist NDP.

Posting that article in October of 2020 had a negative impact on my career. Opportunities in the media, and even within certain parts of our party suddenly disappeared.

I was still glad that I wrote it. It reminded me that speaking the truth is always its own reward.

I will continue to do so. 

As I’ve begun to do the media rounds in this race, many want to silence my assessment by labelling obvious facts as conspiracy theories. I’ve already received plenty of blowback for pointing out that Canada is poised to sign on to a World Health Organization pandemic treaty. 

The WHO has issued  its own press releases about this treaty, expressly stating that its intent is to have countries agree to allow the WHO to take over pandemic management.Somehow taking the WHO at their word amounts to a conspiracy theory, according to some media commentators.

This is how some voices in the media try to shut down debate and silence those who raise concerns.

Do you want a leader who isn't afraid to speak on any topic? Or should we worry about what the media thinks? Let me know HERE.

So I will continue to speak the truth.

You can count on that.

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