I Hate Politics

I hate politics.

That might be an odd thing for a politician to say, but it is genuinely how I feel. I’m here out of a sincere duty to lend my talents in complete service to my fellow Canadians.

I hate that politics is dominated by fear.

I hate that politicians focus on making their supporters afraid of their opponents, instead of inspiring them.

I hate that if I disagree with someone, I am expected to disagree with everything, when in reality we have much more in common than things that we disagree on. 

I have had many well-meaning people write to me telling me to attack my fellow candidates in a variety of ways. For some people being nasty is a symbol of strength.

I won’t do it. I will address the concerns that the voters have and I will share my solutions with them.  I want people to vote for me because they support my vision, not because they hate somebody else. It would be like forsaking your values to vote for the person that you think will win even though you don’t agree with their policies. I believe it’s important to be true to your convictions and stand by them. 

What do I really think of the other leadership candidates?

"Pierre is not “The Canadian Donald Trump” or whatever the latest label with which the left has chosen to attack him. He is hated by the Liberals and many on the left because he has been unwavering in calling them out for their hypocrisy and exposing the economic house of cards they built leading into the pandemic.

Roman Baber is a man of conviction. Agree with him or not, he put his career on the line to stand up for what he believes in. Nobody can ever doubt whether he actually means what he says.

Scott Aitchison has provided serious and thoughtful ideas throughout the campaign. No matter how this race turns out, I hope he continues to champion innovative ideas to make life better for all Canadians.

Jean Charest is not a Liberal. He is a successful Canadian politician who has a long and rewarding career in both federal and provincial politics. He feels that the best way to serve Canadians is by stepping back into public service and I hope he continues to stay involved in our party no matter the outcome of the leadership race.

What I absolutely hate, is that this email will likely not be one of my more popular messages. I would raise more money if I tried to whip up hatred between the campaigns, or if I claimed to be  the only qualified candidate in the race.

The divide and conquer method has been successful for Justin Trudeau, and why he used the fear of COVID during the last election to tear our country apart. Whether it’s creating a fake Trump or falsely claiming pregnancy care centres are forcing people to have unwanted babies, they will use the politics of fear again, because we Canadians continue to react to it.  

I will not engage in the politics of fear no matter the gain. I will strive for a call to unity that engenders hope and positivity. When I raise awareness of the dangerous direction that Canada is headed in, it is to inform and encourage you to take action.

I will continue to use my position to uplift and disseminate relevant, thought-provoking information to Canadians.

And if I’m fortunate enough to earn your trust as leader, I will endeavour to foster an environment where all party members are respected, the voice of every caucus member is cherished and Canadians can find common ground on even the most polarizing and divisive issues.

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