New Trudeau Law Attacks Law Abiding Gun Owners

The Liberals have done it again. Put forward more legislation on firearms that won’t actually make people safer.

They need to stop playing politics with the safety of our communities. For years law enforcement have been trying to tell them their handgun bans won’t do anything to stop criminals.

They refuse to take our border security seriously to keep weapons that are already illegal out of the hands of gangs and other criminals.

What’s worse, they are doing all of this while actually allowing changes to our laws that will let violent criminals out on the streets sooner.

They refuse to challenge the Supreme Court’s ruling that will shorten sentences of the most dangerous murderers and terrorists, but they think it will keep our country safer if they continue to crackdown on law-abiding hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

We should not play politics with public safety. 

If the Liberals insist on passing more legislation that does nothing to protect Canadians and cracks down further on law-abiding citizens, that is just another piece of legislation that I will get rid of as Prime Minister. 

It’s time for common sense to return to government.

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