No Digital IDs!

Travelling across Canada these past few weeks one of the most common questions I get is about the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Prime Minister’s post-national ambitions, and the threat of Digital I.D.

Unfortunately, we continue to see the real fears and concerns of Canadians being dismissed as “conspiracy”. But what are we supposed to tell Canadians when the head of the WEF said about Justin Trudeau and our Government “We penetrate the cabinets…? I know that half of his cabinet or more than half are actually young global leaders of the world economic forum.”

What is the Truth?

The fact is, that there is no conspiracy. There is no need for one. The WEF is a collection of politicians and powerful businesspeople who are very open and public about their plans to usher in a Green Industrial Revolution and unite behind their singular views of how societies around the world should operate.  

Canada is the first country along with the Netherlands to sign on to the WEF’s pilot project to introduce a Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI). Other partners include Air Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal, and Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

The idea that world travellers can increase “global” trust as they travel around the world and check in and out of hotels etc. might sound like a good idea, however, building up trust points through your activity is literally a credit score. Folks who wanted to pretend that this is anything other than a social credit system need to bend over backwards to pretend they don’t understand how credit scores work.

By signing on to such an ID, we would be allowing a global body to determine what meets the requirement for an “acceptable” or “safe” traveller. This may begin with a travel ID, but the WEF has suggested that this could be expanded to include one’s digital currency, banking info, carbon footprint, health records, driver’s license, etc. 

It also is incredibly concerning that the same Prime Minister who is signing our country up for this Digital ID experiment is the same one who still believes that buying a t-shirt as part of a protest fundraiser is reason enough to freeze a bank account.

As journalist Anthony Furey aptly states in this article, while Digital IDs may seem convenient and innocent, Canadians need to think long and hard before accepting them. Opt-in features and privacy boundaries will begin to erode. We’ve seen the lengths the Prime Minister of a free and democratic country will go to take control of its citizens and their assets and must accept that a Digital ID would inevitably be abused as well. 

Here is my promise to you. I will take the people who want to implement the WEF agenda seriously. I will protect Canada from the influence of international entities who don’t have the best interests of Canadians in mind. As leader of the Conservative party I will push back on the use of Digital IDs both nationally and internationally.

As the only candidate with a PhD in international law, I will use my years of experience to navigate the fast-changing international landscape and continue to strengthen our relationships with our allies while standing up for Canada’s sovereignty and identity on the world stage.

Can I count on your support to fight back against digital IDs?

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