Protecting Parental Rights

The government doesn’t love your kids. It can’t. Government is not a person; it is hardly even a collective of people. Government is a system, and it can be a good system, or a bad system, but it is never more than that.

A good government – when it is running well – also provides justice when families and communities falter.

This is why I would put in stronger protections for victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking, child abuse, and online exploitive content.

That is why I will put forward a bill protecting parental rights. We currently have a society where many parents are afraid of even having conversations with their children about certain subjects.

Good parents have unconditional love for their children. The family should be the safest place to have the hardest conversations. The government must not interfere with the rights of loving parents to raise their children in accordance with their own values. I will enshrine rights that protect parents into law.

The Conservative Party has been fighting for families for a long time. We have been fighting for life to be more affordable for families. For home-ownership to be more than a dream for young parents. Every single candidate in this race is focused on how to stop the runaway inflation Justin Trudeau has helped to create.

We will differ on the “how” to do these things, but we all agree they must be done.

But I am the only candidate that has put forth a policy that enshrines a parental rights bill into law.

If you want to see a Canada where parental rights are protected, please donate today to help me take this message right across Canada.

It’s time that families had a government system that supported them instead of tearing them down.

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