Rebuilding our party

The grassroots of our party are strong, but over the last 7 years, we have let them down.

Stephen Harper ran his leadership race in 2004 on building a strong Conservative party. He didn’t just focus on the values that bind our big blue tent together, he built a powerful conservative infrastructure.

Our party operations need to be a focus of growth once again.

I’m not attacking any of the current staff at our party headquarters. The reality though is that they have been understaffed and under supported for years. 

Being fiscally conservative is not the same thing as being cheap. We need to reinvest in our party operations. Our data systems, our communications and fundraising operations need to be modernized.

We raise more money than other parties, but spend way too much on inefficient fundraising models.

Every year we raise tens of millions of dollars from grassroots conservatives, and we need to honour their generosity by building a party infrastructure that is modern, efficient, and can lead us to an election victory at any moment.

I will also update our party practices when it comes to the communication from our grassroots and our party HQ. A properly staffed party will re-establish a transparent schedule for nominations by working with local EDAs.

And I will make sure that our party is the most transparent and accountable one in the country, so that there is no doubt in people’s minds that we will do the same when we form the next government.

Our grassroots should never again feel disconnected from the people running our party. It should truly feel like one big family we are all proud to be a part of.

If we keep on relying on a handful of people in Ottawa to try to run our party by themselves we will lose again and again. If we use the full breadth of ingenuity in our party to build a modern party infrastructure, we can't be beat.

Will you help me rebuild our party so we can get back to winning elections?

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