The Canada we live in and the one that could be

I believe in democracy.

Yesterday we saw a stark example of how far democracy has fallen in Canada.

MP Cathay Wagantall, who I am extremely proud to have on my team, was removed from the House of Commons for not declaring her vaccination status.

MP Wagantall and PM Trudeau at the National Prayer Breakfast May 31st

Despite there being no vaccine mandate in Ontario, despite the fact that Prime Minister Trudeau sat down next to Cathay mask-free with no concern on Tuesday morning.

Cathay was told to leave the premises as if she was some kind of threat.

Cathay was elected to represent her constituents.

She was elected by nearly 70% of voters in her riding. Chosen BY the people, to be their voice, and she was removed from the parliament that is supposed to be THEIR House of Commons. 

Parliament does not belong to Justin Trudeau. It belongs to the Canadian people.

You need to watch Cathay's press conference. It is full of truth. Then ask yourself, is this the kind of Canada you want to live in?

I have also refused to declare my vaccination status publicly, even to the previous leadership of our party. It cost me a spot in our Shadow Cabinet. Standing up for my healthcare privacy has cost me other opportunities as well. 

I am proud to stand with Cathay and to stand up for democracy and medical privacy.

If you want a Canada where Cathay can always represent the people who elected her to be their voice, I hope you'll consider supporting me in this leadership race. 

We can restore democracy in Canada again.

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