We're fighting for the soul of our nation

Imagine that in 2015 you were placed in a time machine, sent into the future and arrived in August 2022. Would you believe your eyes? Could anyone convince you that only seven years had passed?

We have lived through the nightmare of the past seven years, and even still it is hard to believe how much our society has declined in that time.

And while the COVID crisis exacerbated much of the decline, it was not the virus itself that actually caused the speedy fall of our most important institutions. It was government policies that have caused this rapid erosion of trust between Canada’s citizens and their elected officials.

Starting with the Emergencies Act, we now know that it was used as a political tool and that the government lied about whether or not law enforcement had requested it. In fact, the very day before Trudeau’s dramatic press conference calling it a “last resort”, he had actually been advised by key security advisors that they were nearing a breakthrough for a peaceful resolution.

Trudeau knew that the matter could be peacefully resolved, but he chose to use the Emergencies Act as a tool to make it seem that he resolved the conflict, that he was a strong leader, and that he acted out of the best interest of Canadians because he had no choice. I remind you that horses and militia style law enforcement was used to disperse the crowd that law enforcement deemed was under control and that a breakthrough of the protest was imminent.

When leaders use a crisis as a political opportunity, they act to selfishly further their political careers instead of acting in the best interest of Canadians. Selfish leadership erodes public trust and makes it harder to trust politicians when the next crisis hits.

Even something as tragic and traumatizing as COVID was used for political gain. I’ve met with elderly residents that were in tears when they found out that the vaccine did not prevent getting or transmitting COVID. These individuals refused to see their own children and grandchildren because they believed our Prime Minister, and now Canadians are left to deal with the guilt of how they treated strangers and even those whom they love the most.

Trudeau knew that the vaccines didn’t prevent transmission, all the while warning Canadians that it was dangerous to sit next to an unvaccinated person. As one of the only nations to prohibit their citizens from getting on federally operated planes, trains and boats, Trudeau doubled down on his lies to create division and fear and then opportunistically called an election that cost Canadians $650 million dollars. Families were torn apart, friendships lost, and he did it all to try to use hate and fear to win back his majority in an unnecessary election.

Even our most sacred institutions have been tarnished. The Military admitted to conducting propaganda experiments on Canadians during the early days of COVID.

The head of the RCMP appears to have been busted for interfering in a mass murder investigation for political purposes.

The mainstream media had to retract multiple stories about the freedom convoy that spread fear and greatly added to tensions amongst Ottawa residents.

Imagine going back to 2015 and telling yourself that in just seven years you couldn’t trust Canada’s top health officials to be honest about vaccines, the Prime Minister to tell the truth about National Security, the Military not to use propaganda on you, the RCMP to allow important investigations to proceed without interference and the media to not spread fake news about peaceful protesters. I could add that we have also seen the government fail to provide basic government services and take actual political prisoners.

Our nation is unrecognizable, except for one very important part.

I have traveled across this country for the past several months and have seen strength and goodness and love for their fellow citizens. Canadians are awake; they won’t be silenced. They are aware that they are being gaslit by having their concerns always dismissed as conspiracy theories.

We have hope that a strong Conservative Opposition can put the brakes on the further destruction of our democracy. We have hope for a future of courageous leaders that will rise above politics, not dumb down the issues with cheap slogans and talking points, but confront this real risk to our democracy. I have faith in our Conservative membership that you will see that we are at a precipice and that we need real courageous leadership to lead us back from the edge of this cliff.

Strong leadership will once again restore this nation as the freest and most prosperous nation in the world.

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