Your health care decisions are yours to make

It would seem completely unnecessary to say just a few years ago, but individual health choices that Canadians make should be protected and respected.

As reported by Blacklocks Reporter today, data requested by my colleague Marilyn Gladu confirmed that over 2,500 federal employees were suspended without pay for refusing to show proof of vaccination.

Despite the fact that the Public Health Agency of Canada never advocated suspending unvaccinated employees and that the Deputy Chief of Public Health himself told the media there wasn’t a need for a mandate, these public servants lost their jobs and their means of providing for their families.

This also means the government lost the expertise and hard work of these employees, including 66 staff members at Public Health and over 300 employees from the Department of National Defense. There were plenty of reasonable accommodations that could have been made for these employees who were predominantly already working from home. Canada was not made safer because these employees were suspended.

The Canadian Human Rights Act prevents discrimination based on race, creed, sex, and other attributes. Recently I seconded  a bill by my Conservative colleague  Garnett Genuis to add political belief and thought to the list of protections. As Prime Minister, I would go further, and introduce legislation to make sure you cannot be discriminated against due to your vaccination status.

It is hard to believe that it is necessary, but the punitive actions of this Liberal government has shown that the individual health choices of Canadians need to be protected by law.

I have refused to disclose my vaccination status as a matter of principle. As much as they would like to, the Liberals can’t fire me for it, though it has still cost me personally and professionally in other ways. Every Canadian needs to know they are free to make their own health care choices without discrimination.

Whether or not you are vaccinated, I hope you agree with me that discrimination against your fellow Canadians is wrong, no matter what.

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