Aucune honte à être Canadien

I love Canada.

Have I mourned to see so many of the freedoms we were founded upon trampled by the Liberal government? Yes. But that doesn’t change how I feel about my country. It simply makes me even more passionate about helping get Canada back on track.

Is our history filled only with perfect people? Of course not. But I am still proud of my nation and I love my fellow Canadians.

I am so disturbed to see the recent trend of treating our nation and our history like something that should be a source of shame.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that Winnipeg is holding July 1st “New Day” celebrations instead of celebrating Canada Day.

Even if there are things about our nation you would like to see change, shouldn’t a love of Canada be a prerequisite to working on its behalf? 

We will not move forward as a nation if we don’t understand the strong foundation upon which we are founded. Despite the complicated past that accompanies all nations, we were the country where the Underground Railroad landed. And we are still a hopeful nation that will steadfastly work on achieving reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.   

We were a beacon of freedom and hope for generations. 

We were a trusted ally in the world wars.

And yet there are people in Canada who believe Canada Day needs to be canceled, or that they need to consider how people might feel about our flag, as if it could be anything but a symbol of unity and pride.

Since 1867 our nation has built a legacy of hope and freedom. I am proud to celebrate the best country in the world.

If you want a Prime Minister who is truly proud to be Canadian, donate $67 today!

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