Corrompu et avide de pouvoir

I wish I could say that I was surprised by the Prime Minister’s latest scandal. Interfering in the investigation into the Nova Scotia Massacre is as calloused and cynical as one could possibly be, and yet it has all the earmarks of a Justin Trudeau Scandal.

“There was no political interference.”

“I did not place undue pressure on her” 

“The allegations are false”

This time, however, this wasn’t simply kickbacks to his friends at WE. Or trying to keep his friends at SNC Lavalin out of trouble.

This was an attempt to exploit a mass murder for political gain. And according to credible allegations from local RCMP, while the victim’s loved ones were still planning funerals, the Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety were pressuring local police to turn over information that was crucial to their investigation.

Let’s tie this all together.

In 2020 the Prime Minister broke his own social distancing orders to join demonstrations that included calls to "Defund the Police".

He has taken away the rights of rural citizens who have no local law enforcement to protect their own property through legally obtained firearms. 

He has pushed through Bill C-5 which by decriminalizing many illegal activities, removes the ability of law enforcement to intervene in neighborhoods with a high level of crime. And by explaining this move as a way to lower the amount of ethnic minorities with criminal records, he is making the incredibly racist assumption that the only way to keep minorities out of jail is to make illegal activities legal.

And last year, while a community…an entire province…in fact, our entire country was in mourning, he leapt at the opportunity to crack down on law-abiding Canadian citizens.

These are not the actions of a Prime Minister who is serving his country. These are the maneuvers of a power-hungry man, desperate to be in total control.

I have had so many immigrants from countries like Russia and China come to my campaign events and share how distraught they are that they fled tyranny, only to end up in a country in which our leader longs for that same level of authoritarianism.

I have no problem with people who are not comfortable around firearms. I have a huge problem with a Prime Minister who sees law-abiding firearms owners as his enemy. A Prime Minister who is so desperate to defeat them he will exploit any tragedy to do so. 

As Prime Minister, I will serve Canadians. I will protect your freedoms, not attack them. I will serve our country the same way I lead my business: by putting others first and being accountable to the people whose well-being I am responsible for.

It’s time for leadership that understands how to lead.

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