La vérité au sujet de la carboneutralité

Politicians are promising to give you back your freedom, but they aren’t telling you how they are going to do it.

Your freedom is not something that any human can grant you. You were born with it, but your freedom can be taken away by your silence to injustice. You get it back by refusing to believe lies, waking up to the pressure being placed on you to give up your rights, and holding your elected officials accountable. 

You get your freedom when you stand up and say “NO” to those who want to take it away.

They always have a new way, a new lie, a new pressure point. Take “Net Zero” for example. Net Zero sounds like a good idea. Who wouldn’t love a world with no pollution? But have you ever asked your Member of Parliament what it actually means? Almost nobody has, and yet Net Zero policies have contributed to both the recent complete collapse of Sri Lanka and the farmer protests in Holland. Canada is hurtling towards similar policies, and if we continue down this path, the Freedom Convoy will look like a footnote in history compared to the kind of unrest we are headed towards.

I am an environmentalist. I earned a master’s degree in environmental studies before the term “climate change” was even used as a political wedge. I am passionate about protecting our planet and especially our beloved nation. But I need to speak up about how unfair Net Zero calculations are, and the impact they are going to have on our economy, and indeed all aspects of life.

Carbon footprints

The obsession with carbon footprints that has led to the extreme policies in Holland is one of the driving forces towards the shift to digital currency – so that every activity, every purchase can be tracked for its “carbon footprint”. Currency and monetary value will be measured by carbon footprint in the future, and it will be digitized. 

This is what happened in Holland and Sri Lanka to calculate that farming was bad for the environment. Take cattle farming, for example: everything that a cow eats during its lifetime is part of the Net Zero calculation of the carbon footprint of a cow. That includes all the food that was grown, its transportation, the nitrogen in the soil that produces the crops, the gas used in the production of the food, etc. When you sit down to eat a burger, they believe that just as you should be warned about the number of calories, you should also be punished for the carbon footprint it took to give you that burger – from growing the grain, to feeding the cow, to processing the meat, and to getting it to your dinner table. Eventually, it will be deemed too damaging for the planet to partake in meat and beef consumption.

How is it possible that we can be putting this kind of pressure on farmers, but an electric car or a computer is not subject to the same scrutiny? Net Zero calculations do not look at the damage that lithium and cobalt mines cause to the environment. Net Zero doesn’t care about the poor African children, as young as 5 years old, slaving in those dirty cobalt mines. Net Zero seems to only care about the nitrogen content of farming. 

This is why people are protesting – they know in their gut that something is unfair.

We’re heading down the same path

Clearly, you don’t need a Master in Environmental Studies to know that something is wrong.

Years ago, Dutch farmers were promised that if they transitioned to sustainable farming, they could save their industry. Many farmers invested in expensive equipment that reduced emissions. Now the government is saying it isn’t enough – their government is forcing a 30% decrease in livestock farms (raising animals for meat, milk, and eggs). They have allocated $25.6 billion to help farmers transition to crop farming, relocate or shut down their farms.

Netherlands is the second-largest global agricultural food exporter. But these rules set out by their government are non-negotiable. There is no democratic discussion and their government refuses to budge.

Sound familiar? That’s because this is how cancel culture works. It makes government the lord over the people, and it labels anyone who challenges the lies that justify the policies as a conspiracy theorist. The result is that people are silenced and oppressed and their only outlet to combat the arrogance of government becomes protesting in the streets.

Governments around the world are legislating environmental policies based on a net-zero emissions output by 2050, which will surely affect our consumption choices as well as inevitably change the role of farmers within our society. Countries like the USA and the UK have even mandated a restoration of 30% of farmland to conservation areas.

Like the Netherlands, Canada did not meet its Paris Accord emissions targets. And now Canadian farmers are horrified to see what is happening in the Netherlands because our country is following the same destructive path. The Liberals’ Net Zero policy commitment is predicated upon the complete decarbonization of the entire food supply chain under a technocratic management system.

The survival of farmers will depend on a number of factors, including demanding that they are consulted in the operationalization of the Net Zero plan. Many farmers are already engaged in various carbon offset practices for which they currently receive no credits for their efforts. This lack of recognition has fuelled the belief that the government is out to destroy the agricultural sector.

The battle farmers need to fight is not opposition to the Net Zero plan, but the battle to hold government accountable by insisting on well-defined metrics that account for their verifiable, environmentally sustainable practices. Insisting that the government clarifies definitions around Net Zero policy, and presents clear criteria and metrics to achieving this mandate is not unreasonable, but rather necessary to put consumers and farmers at ease about food security, our supply chains, and our future production and consumption choices. 

What comes next

With the fear of extermination looming over their enterprises, farmers all around the world and here in Canada have adopted innovative environmental solutions to ensure that their industry remains compatible with the increasing governmental focus on climate policy, and farmers have been calling upon this government to give carbon credits where they’re due.

The current calculations of carbon outputs fail to properly include animal farmers’ use of carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), largely through agricultural sequestration. An example of this is the CCUS by cattle farmers who often feed their cows with alfalfa (a crop which has high carbon capture yields). Cattle farmers are still not getting carbon credits for the sequestration process associated with the alfalfa production, or for dietary feed like seaweed that reduces methane gas.

Instead, the government’s one-sided formula views beef, dairy and poultry production in a carbon-cumulative manner, by including the carbon emissions of the plant that the animals eat, in addition to other factors. In this scenario, achieving a Net Zero mandate would essentially mean that all animal by-products need to be eliminated or greatly reduced by infusing alternative flesh proteins like insects or lab grown meat. The inevitability of eating insects, cloned animals and lab grown meat only arises because of the government’s skewed metrics.

Similarly, grain farmers don’t receive credits for crop sequestration, crop rotation, enhancements to soil to increase carbon sequestration, crop diversification, innovative technology, and the development of new crop variations that better capture GHGs in the soil. Instead, these farmers are still required to pay high carbon taxes on the electricity needed to dry their products before it goes to market. A true net-zero calculation would give these farmers an off-set credit for the carbon sequestration and capture resulting from their production.

If the Liberal government is truly concerned about the environment, then they must adopt a transparent plan with well-defined and improved metrics to account for CCUS in the farming sector.

Farmers have been doing their part. Now it’s time for government to invite them to the table and to reward smart environmental practices that are producing verifiable results of carbon reduction and sequestration. 

Here is the simple fact. Canadian farmers have done more in the past few years to protect our environment than the government has done with its carbon taxes, or any other virtue-signalling policies. 

As Prime Minister, I will make sure farmers have a seat at the table as we create a real plan to protect our environment. 

I started this letter off discussing freedom. No matter how altruistic anyone’s motives might be, if we let our governments control how we farm and how we eat, we have handed over the staff of life that undergirds our freedom. And it will be difficult to get it back. 

It’s time to stand up, stand with our farmers, and say “NO”. Our nation needs a courageous leader with vision and not just mere slogans. For over two years, I have been sounding the alarm about Net Zero within our party. Now we are seeing the impact of inactivity around the country.

Will you help me carry this burden of courageously confronting the lies that are destroying our country?

Will you stand with me?

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