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If this leadership race has proven anything it’s that the grassroots conservative movement is poised to turn this country around.

It’s thanks to your involvement that our party is stronger than ever and running boldly towards a strong Conservative vision for the future.

Elections Canada released data today that reported on donations processed for each CPC Leadership campaign from April 1 to June 30, or what’s known as the second quarter or “Q2” of the fundraising year.

Thanks to the generous support of Leslyn supporters from across the country, we received more than $1.1M in donations from more than 9300 donors during Q2! 

This shows a significant increase in support over her 2020 Leadership campaign, both in terms of dollars raised and total number of donors.

However, because the Party is behind in processing donations, all candidates have smaller number of donations announced on the Elections Canada website. But even with these smaller numbers, it shows that Leslyn is once again proving the media pundits wrong.

Leslyn has been discounted at every turn by so many in the media simply because she didn’t fit their narrative for this race. But after Leslyn won the popular vote in 2020 they really should have known better.

Nobody can deny that Leslyn is building a movement. And for her critics in the media who were convinced that only Jean Charest and Patrick Brown could factor into this race, according to the available data from Elections Canada so far, Leslyn was just 26 donors shy of matching the Charest and Brown campaigns put together!

And according to analysis done by 2ClosetoCall, Leslyn is second in donors in 8 out of 13 provinces and territories and first in one. Jean Charest is second in two, and Roman Baber is second in one.

The numbers are showing that it’s Dr. Leslyn Lewis who is poised to be on the final ballot with Pierre Poilievre - not Jean Charest.

Leslyn is poised for a strong finish to the race and now everyone knows: the people of Canada know more about where this country needs to go than the pundits ever did.

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