Nous nous dirigeons vers une pénurie alimentaire

We are heading directly for a food shortage unless our government starts supporting our farmers.

As a nation that has prided itself on being an agricultural giant, we should not be facing the kind of food shortages that other countries around the world are experiencing.

In the early days of COVID, so many people talked about how it was a wake-up call to prioritize food security. People talked about the importance of shopping local and supporting Canadian farmers so that we would never face the supply chain issues we did in early 2020.

Our government has thrown all of that out the window.

Instead, the Liberals used COVID-19 as an opportunity to push their virtue-signaling green agenda and further attack our farmers, weakening the industry. And when Net-Zero policies were already threatening to cripple the industry around the globe, now the Liberals are making Canadian farmers pay for the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

From potato farmers in the Atlantic provinces to fruit and vegetable farmers in Ontario and wheat farmers in the Prairies, our agricultural sector is under immense financial strain. No other G7 country has a national carbon tax; in addition, no other G7 nation has put a tariff on nitrogen fertilizer from Russia. Those governments understood that with the amount of planning that goes into farming, it would take time to adjust. There simply wasn’t enough time to protect this year's crop and feed people if they started what amounts to fining farmers for fertilizer purchase orders that were placed a year before the war had even started.

As usual, the Liberals prioritized optics over good policy and didn’t provide an exemption for this year's crop. This will have devastating impacts on the cost of living and food affordability.

While I support measures that put pressure on Russia to end the war, weakening our own country and inflicting suffering on our own citizens is an ineffective tactic and an awful idea.

The Liberal government seems to think that passing on the cost of the Russian / Ukraine war directly to our agricultural sector isn’t going to cripple our food supply. The only other option to explain their shocking mishandling of this situation would be that it was a deliberate attempt to cripple the farming sector.

There are other solutions that would have helped farmers transition to a new approach. They could have used our abundant natural gas reserves to produce local nitrogen and offset the 35% tariff they imposed.

There are times when incompetence looks very much like a deliberate attempt to dispossess individual farmers and concentrate food production in the hands of mega land owners and even the state. Either way, our farmers are paying the price of short-sided Net-Zero policies, and soon that cost will be transferred to you – the consumer in the form of high food costs and shortages. 

It’s time to wake up to reality, and secure our food supply chains. Our farmers have fed us for countless generations and they have always been good stewards of the land. It’s time we had their backs.

Our country won’t survive without them.

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